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Commercial Undercounter Freezers

Undercounter refrigerators and freezers are a great way to add some extra storage without losing out on floor space. Most of these freezer units can be easily fitted into cabinets or placed underneath work surfaces depending on the size of the unit. Refrigerator units are great for service areas since they provide quick access to refrigerated items, which are needed at all times by the server. Servers may need to dress a salad, grab some iced tea, or put whipped cream on a dessert without needing to go into the kitchen for the refrigerated items.

The undercounter freezers are available in two styles, one with the compressor at the rear of the unit and one with the compressor on the side. Both the units are equally effective when it comes to cooling, but the one with the compressor on the side provides more internal storage space, since the compressor is not taking up any space at the rear. The compressor at the side is easier to service apart from the added space advantage. If the compressor is at the rear, it draws cool air from underneath and the front.

Commercial undercounter freezer units come in one door, two door, and three door models including some dual temperature units, which include sections of refrigeration and freezing. Most of these units come with standard casters or low profile ADA approved casters. This makes it easy to roll it out for cleaning and maintenance of the unit and the surrounding area. The stainless steel tops, which can also be used as a work surface and further saves space and adds utility to your counter.

Glass doors units are readily available for most undercounter refrigerators and freezers, if you want to display items like desserts etc. There are also additional models featuring pull out drawers, which may make organizing the stored items a little easier.

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