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Atosa Freezer, Reach-In 2 Door Bottom Mt - MBF8503GR Atosa Freezer, Reach-In 3 Door Bottom Mt - MBF8504GR Atosa Freezer, Reach-In Solid Door Bottom Mount - 1 Section, MBF8501GR
Freezer, Reach-In Solid Door - 1 Section, G12010 by Traulsen. Freezer, Reach-In Solid Doors - 2 Section, G22010 by Traulsen. T Series Reach-In Solid Door Freezer 2 Door - T-49F-HC by True.
Freezer, Reach-In Solid Door - 1 Section, T-23-HC by True. Freezer, Reach-In Solid Door - 2 Section, T-35F-HC by True. Freezer, Reach In Solid Door - 3 Section, T-72F-HC by True.
Freezer, Reach-In Solid Door Bottom Mount - 1 Section, PDB-1F-HC by CCK . Freezer, Reach-In Solid Door Bottom Mount - 2 Section, P-2F-HC by CCK. Freezer, SPEC SERIES Reach-In 2 Solid Dr - STG2F-2S by True.
Freezer, Reach-In Solid Door - 1 Section, T-19F by True. Atosa Freezer 1/2 Door, Single Sec - MBF8007GRL Freezer, Reach-In 2 Solid Door Bottom Mount - KCHRI54R2DFE by Kelvinator.
Beverage Air Vista Freezer, One-Door, 22.5 cu.ft. - FB23HC-1S Beverage Air Vista Freezer, Reach-in, 3-Door - FB72HC-5S Traulsen Centerline Freezer, Reach-in, 1-Door - CLBM-23F-FS-R

Reach-In Freezers

We offer a wide range of upright reach-in commercial freezers. Some will hold at 0˚ F and others go down to -10˚ F or more. The lower set point is important for holding the low safe temperatures even with the doors opening and closing. -10˚ F is also very important for holding ice cream. The higher temps will not work for ice cream.

A typical reach-in upright freezer comes with a stainless steel exterior finish. Many come with an anodized or coated aluminum interior with a stainless steel floor. An all stainless steel interior is offered standard by a few top brands and is an up-charge for others.

As with upright refrigerators, you have the option of using pan slides for interior storage. This allows you to convert all or half of each door section to hold bun tray pans and/or hotel food pans instead of using the standard shelves. These systems are always optional so please contact us for ordering assistance.

Choose wisely keeping in mind your needs and the space on your floor. We carry one, two, and three door units from the leading names in the refrigeration industry. Please browse through our offerings and find the perfect unit.

We are happy to help you find the best product. Feel free to contact us anytime.