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Heat Lamp, 24" Strip Type Single Heater, 500 Watts, w/Toggle Switch - 120V, GRAH-24-120-T-QS by Hatco. Heat Lamp, 36" Strip Type Single Heater, 575 Watts, w/Toggle Switch - 120V, GRAH-36-120-T-QS by Hatco. Heat Lamp, 48" Strip Type Single Heater, 800 Watts, w/Toggle Switch - 120V, GRAH-48-120-T-QS by Hatco.
Heat Lamp, 2 Bulb Infrared 120V - 6000A-2 by Nemco. Two Bulb Electric Freestanding Heat Lamp - 120V, 500 W - EHL-2C Infra Red Bulb Clear 250 Watt SHT250BR40/1 by Shat-R-Shield Inc.